Addon Aluminium Gravé - Inanna
Addon Aluminium Gravé - Inanna
Addon Aluminium Gravé - Inanna
Addon Aluminium Gravé - Inanna
Addon Aluminium Gravé - Inanna
Addon Aluminium Gravé - Inanna
Addon Aluminium Gravé - Inanna
Addon Aluminium Gravé - Inanna


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International Ring Size Guide

Mood Size

EU (mm) 

size of the circumference

US UK  Diameter (mm)
50 US 5 J 15,7
52 US 6 L 16,5
54 US 7 N 17,2
56 US 8 P 17,8
58 US 8,25 P 1/2 18,4
60 US 9 R 19,1
62 US 10 T 19,7
64 US 10,75 V 20,3
66 US 11,5 X 21
68 US 12,25 Z 21,5 
70 US 13 Z+1 22,3
72 US 13,75 22,9


Determine the correct size of your ring

1st method: using a ring you already own (diameter)

You already have a ring on hand? Then simply measure the inside diameter of the ring. You can then find your size by converting using the table above.

If you can't find your exact size, then take the next size up.

2nd method: measure the circumference of your finger

To find out your ring size, simply take a piece of wire, dental floss or paper. Wrap it loosely around the spot on your finger where you want to wear the ring and mark where it overlaps. Then measure the length. The millimeters measured reflect the inner circumference of the ring.

If you can't find your exact size in the chart above, then take the size that is above. For example, if your finger circumference is 57mm, then take the size 58.


Example : 52 mm (circumference)


Strawberry aluminium addon "Inanna" from the "Goddess of love" collection

"Ishtar (sometimes Eshtar) is a Mesopotamian goddess of Semitic origin, worshipped among the Akkadians, Babylonians and Assyrians. She corresponds to the goddess of Sumerian mythology Inanna with whom she is associated, the same goddess obviously being behind these two names. She is considered a symbol of woman, an astral deity associated with the planet Venus, a goddess of love and war, and often a sovereign deity whose support is necessary to reign over a kingdom.
Throughout more than three millennia of Sumerian and then Mesopotamian history, she was one of the most important deities of this region, and was also adopted in several neighbouring countries, where she could be assimilated to local goddesses. She also syncretically took over the aspects of various Mesopotamian goddesses and was worshipped in several major religious centres, sometimes taking on different forms depending on the location where she was worshipped. In this way, she exemplifies the complexity of religious concepts, practices and exchanges in the ancient Near East, and many of her aspects are and will remain a subject of discussion".


Design : Amila Pousaz

We draw your attention to the fact that the colour of this addon as well as the colour of its graphic varies enormously depending on the light.

The addon is the interchangeable part that fits in the center of the ring. All our addons are compatible for all bases (large, small, etc).

Discovering the mood concept? All you have to know is right here:

Customer Reviews

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Florence Lauber Berge

Mood a atteint, avec cet addon, la perfection dans les traits. Une finesse encore plus élaborée que leurs dernières créations, le double coloris, la féminité absolue !!!! :-)


Très jolie Ardon et assez classe

Claire-Marie Vallotton

Magnifique sur mes 2 bases

Christine Diserens

Magnifique je l'adore! Très fin vraiment super!! Merci pour ce magnifique travail!