Addon Argent Gravé - Améthyste
Addon Argent Gravé - Améthyste
Addon Argent Gravé - Améthyste
Addon Argent Gravé - Améthyste


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International Ring Size Guide

Mood Size

EU (mm) 

size of the circumference

US UK  Diameter (mm)
50 US 5 J 15,7
52 US 6 L 16,5
54 US 7 N 17,2
56 US 8 P 17,8
58 US 8,25 P 1/2 18,4
60 US 9 R 19,1
62 US 10 T 19,7
64 US 10,75 V 20,3
66 US 11,5 X 21
68 US 12,25 Z 21,5 
70 US 13 Z+1 22,3
72 US 13,75 22,9


Determine the correct size of your ring

1st method: using a ring you already own (diameter)

You already have a ring on hand? Then simply measure the inside diameter of the ring. You can then find your size by converting using the table above.

If you can't find your exact size, then take the next size up.

2nd method: measure the circumference of your finger

To find out your ring size, simply take a piece of wire, dental floss or paper. Wrap it loosely around the spot on your finger where you want to wear the ring and mark where it overlaps. Then measure the length. The millimeters measured reflect the inner circumference of the ring.

If you can't find your exact size in the chart above, then take the size that is above. For example, if your finger circumference is 57mm, then take the size 58.


Example : 52 mm (circumference)


Silver addon "Amethyst", set with 4 amethysts and 20 0.8mm diamonds .

Design : Amila Pousaz

The amethyst is considered as the stone of wisdom and humility. It soothes and stimulates creativity. With its magical purple, mauve color the amethyst stones sublimate the silver add-on and give it an exceptional style. The white diamonds and the engraving bring even more elegance like if the amethysts were flowers with diamonds petals and engraved leaves. The add-on is perfectly balanced and creates a feeling of calm. 

True jewelry piece, this add-on set with 20 diamonds and 4 amethysts invites you for a journey in wonderland.

Precautions / Informations

In order not to distort the design of the addon, we do not offer the possibility to add extra gems on this piece.

Our gems come from a recognized supplier in Switzerland who has a strict control on the origin of the stones, and who comes himself on site for a control of the stones. He also has an important role in the Swiss Association of Gemstone Dealers. Furthermore, since 2006, mood has been ethically approved by the Swiss watch and jewellery industry.

The diamonds come from a recognized supplier in Switzerland, which is supplied in different productions respecting the "Kimberley" process (controlled by the UN). It prohibits the marketing of any stone from a country in conflict that could finance this conflict.

Nos pierres proviennent d’un fournisseur reconnu en Suisse  ayant un suivi strict dans la provenance des pierres, se déplaçant lui -même sur place pour un contrôle des pierres. Il a également un rôle important dans l’Association Suisse des Négociants en Pierres précieuses. De plus, depuis 2006, mood est agréé éthiquement parlant à travers la branche suisse de l’horlogerie et de la bijouterie.

Les diamants proviennent d'un fournisseur reconnu en Suisse qui se fournit dans différentes productions respectant le processus de "Kimberley" (contrôlé par l'ONU). Il interdit la commercialisation de toutes pierres venant d'un pays en conflit et qui risquerait de financer ce conflit.
ATTENTION : This addon is not compatible with the extra small base (9mm).


Our inspiration

About mood

Welcome to the world of the interchangeable and customizable mood ring. mood is more than a ring, it is a timeless and androgynous jewel. It's an infinitely customizable accessory.

Create your ring according to your desires.

A steel structure forms the base of the jewel on which a ring is placed. The centerpiece consists of two separable elements that support and hold the central ring called add/on. The special architecture gives great freedom to the owner of the ring, who can very easily change the look of his jewelry by changing the add/on.

To further expand the mood potentialities, rings made in various colours and materials are available.

Discovering the mood concept? All you have to know is right here:

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Gratitude 🙏🏽

Magnificence translucide rayonnante pensée pour mon papa qui est parti de ce monde, cadeau 💝 souvenirs

Claire André
Cadeau d'anniversaire

Une vraie petite merveille de finesse et de précision 🤩
Je l'adore👍


Magnifique pièce! la gravure est très bien réalisée, très fine et les pierres sont de très belles couleur!💜

Mariarosa Prospero

Je L aime beaoucoup !!!