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International Ring Size Guide

Mood Size

EU (mm) 

size of the circumference

US UK  Diameter (mm)
50 US 5 J 15,7
52 US 6 L 16,5
54 US 7 N 17,2
56 US 8 P 17,8
58 US 8,25 P 1/2 18,4
60 US 9 R 19,1
62 US 10 T 19,7
64 US 10,75 V 20,3
66 US 11,5 X 21
68 US 12,25 Z 21,5 
70 US 13 Z+1 22,3
72 US 13,75 22,9


Determine the correct size of your ring

1st method: using a ring you already own (diameter)

You already have a ring on hand? Then simply measure the inside diameter of the ring. You can then find your size by converting using the table above.

If you can't find your exact size, then take the next size up.

2nd method: measure the circumference of your finger

To find out your ring size, simply take a piece of wire, dental floss or paper. Wrap it loosely around the spot on your finger where you want to wear the ring and mark where it overlaps. Then measure the length. The millimeters measured reflect the inner circumference of the ring.

If you can't find your exact size in the chart above, then take the size that is above. For example, if your finger circumference is 57mm, then take the size 58.


Example : 52 mm (circumference)


Design : Yves Moulin



Manufacture of damask rings

Design and text: Yves Moulin

It all starts with simple stainless steel sheets of AISI 304 and AISI 316L quality and a thickness of 1 mm. They are cut to size 45 x 120 mm and stacked to form a block 75 mm high.

The welding between them is done at about 1800°F, with a pressure of 500 kg/cm2. The resulting foil is then stretched by forging to obtain a bar with a square section of 12 to 15 mm. While still hot, the bar is twisted to obtain the diagonal or star patterns that will be visible later.

After this operation, the bar is cut into sections, again squared by abrasion, and sawn longitudinally to produce 2 plates which will be formed, while hot, into rings.

The junction of the ends of these plates is rectified and then brazed. This is the end of the forging part and the beginning of the mechanical part of the manufacturing process.

The ring blanks are cleaned and pickled, then transferred to a mechanical lathe.

By turning, they are levelled to a diameter smaller than the final dimension, then the rings are mounted on a mandrel, turned to the final dimension and set to the desired width.

After a check of the dimensions and the absence of defects, they are retouched and finely polished.

It is by the chemical attack of one of the steels that we obtain the "revelation" of the pattern of the damask.

This is followed by ultrasonic cleaning to remove the nickel dust formed during the chemical attack. Then, for the oxidized finishes, an electrolytic treatment allows to obtain a black layer on the surface.

Finally, all surfaces are polished/satinized.

A very wide variety of patterns can be obtained by varying and combining the number and geometry of the layers, the more or less fine twisting, the position of the cut in relation to the center of the bar, the depth of the chemical etching, the local deformations due to the forging work.



It is not possible to choose the rendering of the drawing and we do not accept requests for special drawings.

Warning: this addon is not compatible with the extra small base ring.


About mood

Welcome to the world of the interchangeable and customizable mood ring. mood is more than a ring, it is a timeless and androgynous jewel. It is an infinitely customizable accessory.

Create your ring according to your desires.

A steel structure forms the base of the jewel on which a ring is housed. The centerpiece consists of two separable elements that support and hold the central ring called add-on. The special architecture gives the owner of the ring a great deal of freedom, who can very easily change the look of his jewelry by changing the add/on.

To further expand the mood potentialities, rings in various colors and materials are available.

The addon is the interchangeable part that fits in the center of the ring. All our addons are compatible with the majority of bases (large, small, etc.).

Want to know more about the mood concept? It is right here:

Customer Reviews

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Corinne Drompt

Entièrement satisfaite, si j’en croise un autre spécial en store, je ne pourrais que craquer encore ...

Nicole Koller

Unique et magnifique

Georges-Henri T.
Un seul mot


J’en rêvais depuis quelque temps et il est vraiment magnifique!

À porter tout les jours ou pour toute occasion

Marianne V.
Une merveille !

Ce damassé c’est toute une histoire. Je n’arrivais pas à me décider jusqu’à ce que je le voie en vrai. Il est simplement magnifique ! Et chaque exemplaire est unique, les traits plus ou moins fins pour ravir tous les goûts. Un des plus beaux !

Christelle D.
Une pièce unique

Un addon d'exception! Pas tout à fait satisfaite du premier, Mood me l'a échangé contre un qui est comme je le souhaite, je suis ravie.