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Calico Jack

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Olive wood addon "Calico Jack" from the "Pirates" collection

Design : Amila Pousaz

Raise the black flag ! Board the ship and no mercy !

Dive into the adventurous life of the most famous pirates of the seas with this collection that will moor your ship in a blue Caribbean lagoon.

Those people from the sea, outlaws, against governments and royal insignia risked their life for treasures. Stealing, looting and killing never scared them, tracked down between the paradise islands of central America they never hesitated to fight for their life.

This collection pays tribute to well-know pirates, every add-ons is named after their names. First the one nicknamed Black Beard, Edward Thatch, born in England in the 17th century he quitted the marine of the Crown to become a pirate and will become a dreaded captain. His add-on is in titanium with some aged pirates symbols designs.

Black Sam, nicknamed the Prince of Pirates, was a greedy British sailor who attacked commercials ships. His career will be short but very successful he’s still known as the richest pirate despite his death at the young age of 28 years old in the sinking of his ship. The add-on is a blue titanium piece wearing pirates skulls.

Finally Jack Rackham also known as Calico Jack was a British pirate famous for his colorful clothes but also for the two women pirates on his ship, Mary Read and Anne Bony. Two addons are called Calico Jack, the first one is in olive tree wood with a rope design. The second one, Calico Jack Black, also made of wood but the rope design is surrounded by black lines.

Set the sails and try not to go feed the fish !


Précautions / informations

Each wooden addon is unique. We cannot take into account special requests concerning the colour of the wood or its veins.

Wooden addons are never exactly the same because they depend on the piece of wood from which they are cut. In addition, their color can vary and be more or less dark depending on the cut. Be careful, these precious wood addons need care, you must feed them with the product that we will send you with your order.

We guarantee them one month after purchase (we will exchange them free of charge, one time only, against return of the broken addon) after this period the wood will certainly be without defect and could break naturally.

ATTENTION : This addon is not compatible with the extra small base (9mm)


Our inspiration

About mood

Welcome to the world of the interchangeable and customizable mood ring. mood is more than a ring, it is a timeless and androgynous jewel. It's an infinitely customizable accessory.

Create your ring according to your desires.

A steel structure forms the base of the jewel on which a ring is placed. The centerpiece consists of two separable elements that support and hold the central ring called add/on. The special architecture gives great freedom to the owner of the ring, who can very easily change the look of his jewelry by changing the add/on.

To further expand the mood potentialities, rings made in various colours and materials are available.

Discovering the mood concept? All you have to know is right here: https://www.yourmood.net/en/pages/concept

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