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18K white gold draped hollow addon

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18K white gold draped hollow addon (gold and palladium alloy)

"A new creation straight out of the hands of our little fairies from the workshop...
Maybe you've already seen it or rather, thought you'd see it?

It is made of a brand new material never used by mood before: white gold.
First of all, what is white gold? It is an alloy between gold and palladium. Palladium is a grey, almost white material that gives this new piece its very special colour.
The next question is: what's the difference with silver? The colour of a silver piece will tend to turn white, light yellow. White gold will be a light grey colour, or even beige in the shade to become greyish-white in daylight. Its shades are "cold".
White gold is precious and will last for a very long time. Thanks to the palladium that makes it up, it will not alter and will always remain as bright as ever!

This addon is a beautiful addition to the collection of "hollow draped" gold addons. We hope you will like them <3"

We recommend this addon exclusively for a rounded base

The color of this addon varies greatly depending on the light and reflections.

The mood ring is an infinitely customizable jewel. It's a stylized expression of Swiss design.

An addon is the interchangeable part of the mood ring that lies on top of the steel base ring. To order this item, you also need to order a base ring or to have one already.

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Magnifique !!!