Sponsorship: one friend = a voucher of Fr. 50.

Are you a level 4 mood addict ?
If the answer is yes, you might want to talk to the world about mood and share your addiction with your family or friends... These are the first symptoms that will allow you to detect your level 4 addiction... 

So we thought of you with sponsorship benefits.

Here's how it works ! 

When one of your realtives, after you have praised mood so much, decides to buy his first mood ring, either on our website or in our shop, he will just have to give us your name and you will receive your sponsor's gift a few days later. If this person orders online, tell them to note in the notes of their order that it was you who told them about mood and we will contact you in the following days. Of course, and even better, you can help him/her to place his/her order online or come with him/her to the shop!

Sponsorship is above all a story of sharing passions and it takes all its meaning if you accompany your godchild from beginning to end.

Your gift in return: a Fr. 50 gift card that you can use online or in the shop, even on current promotions and with no minimum purchase. Isn't it wonderful?

Please note: this is not valid if you are giving a gift of a mood ring to a friend.