About Us


It all started back in 2004 with the launch of a ring designed by an inventive artist, which will soon become iconic. A sober steel ring hosts, with a very simple manipulation, a removable piece which gives the jewel it's character.

Created in many different designs, this central piece allows countless compositions. "Choose your mood", an invitation is given to the owner to change it's ring following his or her mood!

CĂ©dric Chevalley, the designer who envisioned this jewel, literally dreamed about it in one of his frequent travel by train. He then put his creative talent and ingenuity as a jeweler to transform it's dream into reality. Once done, the jewel was immediately met with the enthusiasm of aficionados and aficionadas, all seduced by the infinite possible combination of their ring and the ease of personalization. 

See the video created at the 10 years anniversary of the mood collection brand.

A national and international success

Distributed in Switzerland, France, Portugal, Germany, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Luxemburg and Spain, the brand radiate in Europe and much farther. To reinforce its development while keeping the fun, Extreme sport events are being sponsored by Mood. Today, the swiss brand reaches a vast international community including early fans as well as new customers and those who are simply intrigued by it.

Who are the heart and soul of this brand ?

Stéphanie Pousaz & Arlette Bélat : the managers

In 2013, the brand enters in a new stage of growth, with an increased structure and deployed around complementary skills. Defenders of the spirit mood, Stephanie Pousaz and Arlette BĂ©lat start a partnership to give a new dimension to the brand.

Present alongside the designer since the start of the brand mood, passionate about this adventure and benefiting of a large experience in communication and marketing, Stephanie Pousaz infuses daily enthusiastic energy, in the development of the brand and in the mood community.

Former elite athlete, interior designer, creator of a ethic and sustainable luggage’s brand, Arlette BĂ©lat benefits of a rich career when she joins Stephanie Pousaz. The experience acquired and her personal competencies call her immediately to manage products and develop an efficient management, rooted in a respectful sense of social and environmental dimension.. 

The common vision of this dream team? Harness the energy that drives them to create jewellery, experiences and share moments or values. Their motto? "Choose your mood: feel good!”


CĂ©dric Chevalley : The creator 

Several times awarded for his designs, CĂ©dric Chevalley is a creator of many facets. Combining his talents in jewelleryand glassmaker, he was able to find creative solutions and bright techniques to shape the jewels he had imagined. Founder of the brand Mood, he leaves the operational management for the two partners in 2013 to refocus on the jewellerycreations and development of new ideas, jewels and other products. Explorer, experimenter, he is particularly attract by the meeting of materials and textures; like the testimony of the Mood rings.