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Already had an account in our former website ? How to get it back ?

May 28, 2015 1 Readings

Hello, Hello!

We are very pleased to announce that your new online shop is operational :)

Today, you will discover your new www.yourmood.net.

How to connect to this new shop online?

When you go on your new shop online www.yourmood.net:

  • Click on 'my account' (at the top).
  • Click on 'new client' "register".
  • Insert your name, surname and email address.
  • You will receive an activation email in your email inbox. Click on the link and you'll be redirect in your account and can create a new password.
  • If your email address matches the email address of your old account, you will find your account information (your address, the sizes of your rings, etc).

Note on pricing: our prices have not increased. Simply on the former site prices were given exclusive of VAT, it is added at the end of your order. On the new online shop prices are directly given VAT included.

We are at your disposal for any question :)

Enjoy your day!

Your mood team